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When considering becoming a Landlord, understanding all that entails is important. Renting your home is a huge decision for any homeowner, and serious research is required. Whether you are considering doing everything yourself or hiring a professional property management company  Bell Properties, Inc. encourages you to ask yourself, “Can I give the time, effort and commitment to being a landlord?”

There are certain tasks that all landlords must accomplish such as deciding at what price to advertise your home, determining maintenance to improve showing quality, coordinating showing the property, vetting possible tenants, creating and executing a lease, performing inspections, collecting rent, handling needed repairs and maintenance, preparing end-of-year tax forms, handling tenant requests and issues and determining security deposit issues. These are the basic tasks that all Landlords must accomplish, but what happens if your tenant doesn’t pay rent? What happens if your previous neighbor calls to complain that the lawn is never mowed? What if the air conditioning goes out in the middle of a heat wave?

Choosing a property manager must be treated as a business decision. For a landlord, their home is likely the biggest investment they’ve made in their lives. For the renter, the property is the roof over their head, where their family comes home to everyday. Hiring a professional to balance the needs of both parties, all while acting in the homeowners’ best interest, could undoubtedly be the best decision any homeowner could make.

Since 1983, Bell Properties, Inc. has been providing Residential Rental Property management to the Snohomish County, Island County, and North King County region. Our  licensed Real Estate agents, bookkeeping, and  office staff will do our best to provide you with the services that you need in a professional and friendly manner.