The following is a list of services we can provide as a Homeowner/Condominium Association Management company.

1. Prepare and mail dues/assessment statements to owners.
2. Collect dues/assessments and deposit into Association Account
3. Post all dues/assessments to owners account and keep accurate files on each owner.
4. Present monthly financial statements to Board of Directors.
5. Reconcile all bank statements.
6. Pay all Association invoice statements when due.
7. Assist Board of Directors in preparing Annual Budget.
8. Prepare and submit necessary reports to government agencies.
9. Attend week night Board meetings as requested by HOA once every calendar quarter.
10. Assist Board with preparation and administration of proper consequences for violations.
11. Generate violation notices and mail to owners and occupants of units.
12. Assist Board in filing liens when required.
13. Prepare and submit documents related to transfer of ownership (Resale Certificates), mortgage requests and escrow transactions.
14. Maintain current owner and tenant address list with telephone numbers and emails.
15. Assist the Association’s CPA in preparation of tax returns, reviews and/or audits.
16. Research and recommend proper insurance protection of property and Liability insurance for Board.
17. Keep Board informed on changes in state and federal statutes pertaining to Association.
18. Supervise all maintenance Association is responsible for providing, and make periodic checks of ongoing maintenance (e.g., lawn maintenance).
19. Report to Board any necessary maintenance issues.
20. Solicit bids and help negotiate contracts with outside venders and suppliers for goods and services.
21. Inspect work prior to making payments on larger jobs.

Additionally, we can provide property management services to individual owners who wish to lease out their properties – services to be billed directly to the owner.