Placement Only Services

Our Placement Only Services include:

  1. Determining the proper monthly rent for your property. Our experience in the local market helps us to properly position your rental. We will work with you to establish the proper amounts for the Security Deposit, Pet Deposit (if applicable) and any other fees that may apply.These fees are determined with you in advance of placing the first advertisement so we can make sure to correctly set the expectations for potential applicants.
  2. Actively market your property: we have an interactive web site which will showcase your rental listing, and our internet marketing also syndicates your listing to numerous other rental web sites to maximize your online presence. We will place signage at the property as well (when appropriate and allowed by local community guidelines). Our phone number and contact information is prominently displayed to ensure that we receive communications with potential tenants quickly and  are able to set appointments in a timely manner.
  3. Thorough screening of prospective tenants for credit, criminal, employment, and rental history, along with personally interviewing each applicant to ensure you get the most qualified tenant(s). If you choose to allow pets in your home, we do our best to meet the pets, too, in order to make sure they will be a good fit for the property.
  4. Prepare the rental agreement, along with any addenda, which spells out the conditions under which the tenant will occupy the property, including the rent, security deposit, pet deposit, utility charges, any pro-rated amounts for rent or utilities, and anything else that may be particular to your property.
  5. When the rental agreement is signed, collect the security deposit and any applicable pet deposits and/or utility fees.
  6. On tenant move-in, collect the first month’s rent and any other applicable fees or charges.
  7. Provide a property condition report for the tenant(s) which itemizes the conditions of the property when they move in.
  8. Once placement is completed, provide you with a full accounting of all funds collected, copies of all documents, and a check for any rent, security deposit, pet deposit, and/or any utility charges after our fees have been deducted.